Child Outcomes System

In 2005, the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) began requiring State early intervention programs to report on child outcomes. States are required to report on the percent of infants and toddlers with Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) who demonstrate improved:

  1. Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships);
  2. Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/communication [and early literacy]); and
  3. Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

Effective July 1, 2010, the Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF) will be utilized for measuring child outcomes in Maryland to meet federal accountability reporting requirements for all children receiving services through an IFSP birth to kindergarten age.

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In April 2010, Maryland hosted a COSF Refresher Training with the assistance of two national presenters: Kathy Hebbeler, from SRI International and Robin Rooney, from Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. All the training resources from the April 2010 COSF Refresher Training are located on the COSF Training CD.  The entire CD can be dowloaded on the right.  Individual materials and resources can also be downloaded by clicking on the COSF Refresher Training CD Resources link.

A variety of additional technical assistance and training materials are available on the Early Childhood Outcomes Center website.

Additional Resources


The Early Intervention Family Survey – Frequently Asked Questions provides families and service providers with specific information about the Early Intervention Family Survey which will be distributed to families in September 2009.


Taking a Closer Look at Child and Family Outcomes

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Where are We and How Did We Get Here?

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  • The Early Childhood Intervention and Education Services Branch at MSDE has developed a brochure for families “Taking a Closer Look at Child and Family Outcomes" (download on the right). This brochures provides information on how Maryland measures the benefit of early intervention services and supports to children with disabilities and their families who receive services through their local Infants and Toddlers Program.
  • New Findings on Disparities in Child Outcomes as Early as 9 Months of Age-Full Report, Exec Summary.

  • Where Are We and How Did We Get Here?  (download on the right)
    Larry Edelman describes the Evolution of Accountability and Child Outcomes Measurement in Early Care and Education, Early Intervention, and Early Childhood Special Education.   As information becomes available, this document is updated (last update: 7/2/07).

MSDE Public Website of State Performance Plan Results

As required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) developed State Performance Plans (SPPs) for Maryland’s early intervention and special education systems for the 2005-2010 time period. The plans serve as a blueprint for improvement for services to children with disabilities and their families in the State.

MSDE developed a State Performance Plan website that displays the 2005-2006 State and local results for the indicators in the SPP. Each year, the current data reported in the APR will be added for comparison to the previous year’s results. Data for new indicators will be added to the website as it is collected and reported.

Go directly to Early Intervention Services (0-3) to view State and local results.